Preferred Mental Health Management for CARE
PMHM’s unique system of Professionally Guided Care combines a high level of professional review expertise with one of the nation’s largest behavioral Provider Networks. PMHM’s management program produces outstanding patient satisfaction and cost savings. Traditional managed behavioral firms can’t equal PMHM’s level of cost savings or satisfaction.
PMHM’s system increases treatment quality while lowering costs.
PMHM’s Professionally Guided CareSM
PMHM’s Proprietary “Professionally Guided Care” System Doctorate Psychologist ProvidersThe Preferred Mental Health Management (PMHM) system of Professionally Guided CareSM, utilizes doctorate psychologists to review, assess, and direct covered members through treatment provided by its National Provider Network.
The training, experience and diagnostic ability of the initial reviewer is what sets PMHM apart from its competitors. While the quality of care and utilization increase with PMHM, behavioral health benefit costs decrease an average of 50% to 80% in the first year of management due to PMHM’s high level of review expertise.
PMHM’s system of care embraces the belief that clinically appropriate and cost-effective care produces the best result for the covered member in the shortest time.
The first rule of the therapist should be to
“Do No Harm.”
Professionally Guided CareSM follows specific principles to deliver these results:
  • Effective therapy helps covered members resolve distressing symptoms and become more independent and self-sustaining.
  • The covered member deserves a therapeutic approach that is sound and supported by clinical research.
  • There is an optimal setting, amount and frequency of treatment for a given condition. It is the responsibility of the treating provider and PMHM’s Staff Psychologist to ensure that the member receives appropriate care.
  • Too much treatment is often harmful because it fosters the patient’s insecurity and dependency.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy by a well-trained professional is the most effective treatment for anxiety, depression, marital/family issues, substance abuse and work-related problems.
Benefits of PMHM’s Professionally Guided CareSM
Following are some of the advantages of PMHM’s system of Professionally Guided CareSM
Problem resolution begins with patient’s first call and the initial assessment by the PMHM Staff Psychologist.
The patient learns to control thoughts and behaviors linked to the underlying symptoms or problems.
Initial assessment by the PMHM Staff Psychologist and the face-to-face evaluation by the treating provider offer two professional opinions, which increases diagnostic accuracy.
Results in more appropriate treatment and the proper use of medications when necessary.
The patient becomes an active partner in selecting a provider, goals and a treatment plan.
Effective treatment of patients’ mental health problems has been proven to lower total healthcare costs.
Treatment Facilities
National Map of PMHM Providers
National Network
Preferred Mental Health Management (PMHM) has one of the nation’s largest behavioral health networks with more than 10,500 outpatient providers and 800 inpatient treatment facilities. This network offers some of the deepest discounts available. Outpatient providers include psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers and licensed chemical dependency counselors. PMHM’s inpatient rates are flat per-diem fees which include all services
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