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Managed Care the PMHM Way
In 1987, neuropsychologist Les Ruthven, Ph.D., founded PMHM with the goal of arranging the delivery of more affordable and effective behavioral health and substance abuse treatment. PMHM created its proprietary system of “Professionally Guided CareSM” where senior-level Staff Psychologists conduct triage for patients accessing outpatient services and for hospitals wanting to certify admissions.

PMHM’s Staff Psychologists guide, arrange and authorize services, and act as case managers throughout the patient’s entire course of treatment. The training, experience and diagnostic ability of the initial reviewer is what sets PMHM apart from competitors, which traditionally use nurse reviewers.

PMHM Staff Psychologist reviewers have the diagnostic expertise to ensure that patients are correctly diagnosed. Misdiagnosis is widespread in the behavioral health area. It is this misdiagnosis that often leads patients to spend years in a revolving door of expensive, ineffective treatment. Nurse reviewers simply cannot address this problem.

PMHM couples this professional review program with one of the nation’s largest behavioral provider networks which consists of more than 10,500 providers in 50 states and Puerto Rico. The providers in PMHM’s network have qualifications which exceed the industry standard. The Network consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers and licensed chemical dependency counselors. Doctoral professionals have treated nearly 70% of all PMHM referred patients since its founding. PMHM does not believe that sending patients to the “cheapest” providers is the best value. The best way to lower costs is to effectively treat patients, return them to normal life and stop the cycle of ineffective care.

PMHM’s network includes some of the most impressive discounted rates available. The PMHM program produces measurably higher treatment quality and outstanding cost savings, which average 50% to 80% in the first year of management.

Since the initial request for behavioral health management services by a Wichita hospital spurred the creation of PMHM in 1987, the client listing has grown to include some of the nation’s largest employers. PMHM continues to be guided by a commitment to quality treatment that addresses the legitimate needs of all parties: patients, providers and payers. PMHM saves employers money in the best way possible, by providing excellent care which helps patients get better. PMHM believes that the best care is also the most cost effective.

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Book by PMHM’s President
In his book, Dr. Ruthven provides a revealing critique of the FDA-submitted antidepressant clinical trials. What the scientific research has found to be true about the use of antidepressants might surprise you. Antidepressants: Science, Magic or Marketing?
Did You Know?
Antidepressants do not solve the causes of depression.

Antidepressants: Science, Magic or Marketing? Children as young as 1 month have been given antidepressants.

There are serious side effects produced by antidepressants. Evidence of children committing suicide has forced the FDA to put a warning label (but not a ban) on antidepressant use in children.

Americans are spending 13 Billion Dollars a year on antidepressants.
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