Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions area.
If the following list does not answer your particular question or concern, feel free to contact us.
1. What type of company is PMHM?
PMHM is a behavioral managed care firm. It is not an insurance company. PMHM often works with insurance companies or payers to precertify treatment and authorize payment for behavioral treatment.
2. What do I do in an emergency?
Always call 911 and seek emergency assistance. Do not wait to talk with PMHM first.
3. How do I receive a referral for behavioral benefits?
Covered Members access PMHM’s services by calling 800-776-4357. The phones are staffed 24-hours a day, seven days a week. During PMHM’s normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday CST, the toll-free line is answered directly by a Patient Relations Coordinator (PRC). On weekends and holidays, the 800 line is answered through a medically oriented professional service with PMHM psychologists on call and available by pager and cellular phone. In an emergency situation, the service can connect the caller directly to a PMHM psychologist.
4. What information do I need when I call PMHM?
You will need your employer’s name as well as group number and individual Member number.
5. Will my employer know I call PMHM or what I called about?
No. PMHM’s referral records are completely confidential.
6. How does PMHM ensure client/patient confidentiality?
PMHM is bound by certain confidentiality policies, dictated by state and federal laws as well as ethical practice constraints. No identifying information is released regarding an individual’s use of PMHM’s services, without specific, written consent from the individual. Exceptions to this occur only in situations in which legal obligations exist to provide information to designated authorities or in clinically appropriate circumstances. Statistical information, shared with the employer, does not contain any information which would identify a Member.
7. Does PMHM have Providers in my area?
PMHM has Providers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.  Chances are excellent that we have a Provider located near you.
8. How do I know who the Preferred Providers are in my area?
You may call PMHM at 800-776-4357 and you will speak with a Patient Relations Coordinator or Staff Psychologist who will match you with a Provider in your area. 
9. Do I need to call PMHM to use my behavioral health benefit?
That depends on your group’s plan, however, it is always good to call PMHM to obtain your in and out-of-network benefits.
10. What if the Provider I want is not in PMHM’s network?
You may have the Provider contact us and we will send him or her an application. 
11. What if I don’t like the Network Provider PMHM referred me to?
Just call PMHM and let us know.  We will gladly refer you to a different Network Provider that better meets your needs.
12. What is “pre-cert”?
Pre-cert is short for precertification.  PMHM often pre-certifies care. This means that before any treatment is provided, we authorize the treatment for a specific number of days or sessions.  This insures that insurance will reimburse your Provider for your care.
13. If I need to mail claims to PMHM, what address do I use?
Mail claims to PMHM at:

401 E. Douglas, Suite 505
Wichita, KS 67202
14. What do I do if my claim is denied?
You may appeal this decision by requesting an appeal in writing from PMHM. In your correspondence, please provide all pertinent information such as the Member’s identifying information, the patient’s name and address and also the Provider’s information. You may send your appeal request to: Preferred Mental Health Management, LLC, 401 E. Douglas, Suite505, Wichita, KS  67202. 
15. What type of language translation services does PMHM offer?
PMHM 24-hour access to a comprehensive language translation service. Utilizing this service, PMHM is able to access a translator within five minutes of the initial call. This translation service enables PMHM to effectively meet the service needs of all of its Members. PMHM also has many multi-lingual providers in its Provider Network.